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About WISc

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Features of WISc

WISc is an undergraduate honors enrichment program for students interested in global affairs, cultures, and languages. The goal of the WISc program is to build global competence and citizenship for undergraduates from a variety of disciplines and majors. We expect WIScholars to become leaders in their chosen fields and believe that a global perspective is an essential element of this leadership.

Students making satisfactory progress in the program are eligible for two study abroad grants (a total of $3,000) to be applied toward one short-term and one long-term UW study abroad program

Students complete required coursework in the first-year plus four semesters of additional foreign language study; in addition, students and their faculty/staff mentors participate in monthly dinners in collaboration with the International Learning Community and in regular activities that introduce students to a wide variety of global topics and opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: WISc is an on-going honors enrichment program that admitted students commit to participating in throughout their undergraduate careers. It is not a one-time scholarship.


♦ WISc students pursue a variety of majors from across campus and study many foreign languages, including those less commonly taught. The 2010 graduating class included majors in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Journalism, History, Legal Studies, and International Studies. They also earned certificates in Middle East Studies, Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, South Asian Studies, Russian Eastern European and Central Asian Studies, African Studies, International Engineering, and European Studies.

Collaboration with the International Learning Community

The International Learning Community (ILC) is a student residence community sponsored by the Division of University Housing.

The WISc Program and the ILC collaborate regularly on events and activities. WISc students join the ILC once a month for an internationally themed dinner in Dejope Hall. These events often include a guest speaker from the UW community, and they offer students an opportunity to be introduced to new cultures, cuisines, and people. The WISc program bears the expense of these dinners for WISc students. Attendance at the dinners is expected (required) of all WISc students. If, in very rare circumstances, you find that you will have an unavoidable time conflict, you must notify the program in advance to explain your absence.

The ILC offers opportunities for its residents to make friends from Wisconsin and around the world and to interact with faculty, staff, and students who share interests in learning about different cultures. The ILC is dedicated to enhancing cross-cultural understanding. In addition, the ILC also offers language-specific programs, including Stockwerk Deutsch (German), Residencia de Estudiantes (Spanish), Piazza Italia (Italian), Baytunaa (Arabic), Nihongo Hausu (Japanese), and Norden (Nordic languages). Some students choose to live in the ILC while participating in the WISc program.

Study Abroad Travel Grants

WISc participants making satisfactory progress in the program are eligible for two study abroad travel grants. The first is a $1000 travel grant to participate in a short-term study abroad program, ideally during or immediately following the first year at the UW-Madison. As long as all program requirements are met, students will also be offered a $2000 travel grant for a semester- or year-long study abroad experience later on in the degree program.

WISc students are eligible for the WISc travel grants only for participation in study abroad programs offered by a UW-Madison study abroad office, and for which students earn UW-Madison residence credits. The two travel grants may not be combined for use in one study abroad program. After submitting your study abroad application please fill out the travel grant form on the WISc web site. You will receive notice of approval by e-mail. The grant will show up as a credit on your Study Abroad tuition/fees bill.

How to Apply