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WISc Program Requirements

Click here for travel grant eligibility and requirements.

WISc students are expected to register for the following classes in the fall of their first-year at UW and participate in the events listed below throughout their time in the WISc Program. Students are expected to attend all scheduled meetings and events. Please be aware that whenever possible email reminders about upcoming events are sent to students as a courtesy—it is still, however, the student’s responsibility to keep track of required upcoming WISc events. If you don’t already make regular use of a calendar or agenda system now is the time to get started!

The ILC Dinners and most WISc events will be held on Tuesday evenings. For this reason, we ask you to keep Tuesday evenings (4:30 pm on) free for WISc events. Please keep this in mind when making other commitments including class schedules, extracurricular activities, and jobs.

First-Year Course Enrollment:

1. IS212, WISc Seminar, fall semester
This class will meet once a week for an hour. It will be an ungraded, one-credit class designed specifically for incoming WISc participants. The class is taught by the WISc Faculty Chair and members of the Faculty Steering Committee. The course seeks to foster student leadership and participation as we discuss international events and topics that may not be covered in the first year student’s other classes.

2. ILS 209, Introduction to Global Cultures (or similar course selected by the Faculty/Staff Steering Committee), fall semester
This class is a 3-credit course offering a comparative study of world cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective.

3. Foreign Language
In order to participate in the WISc Program, you must register for a foreign language course—either a language you are continuing to study or a new one—and continue studying one or more foreign languages for at least two years at U.W. The U.W. offers an exceptional range of choices: more than 80 different languages! The website of the UW Language Institute offers a great starting point to explore your options.

What Else to Expect Throughout Your Time as a WIScholar:

1. International Learning Community (ILC) dinners
We will be joining the ILC for internationally themed dinners one Tuesday a month. These dinners will take place at Dejope Hall at 6:00 pm. The WISc program bears the expense of these dinners for WISc students. Attendance at the dinners is expected (required) of all WISc students. If, in very rare circumstances, you find that you will have an unavoidable time conflict, you must notify the program in advance to explain your absence.

2. Faculty Advising
We encourage you to talk with a WISc faculty or staff member at least once a semester. Members of the WISc faculty/staff committee are happy to talk with you at WISc events or one-on-one. They can assist and support you in course selection, study abroad plans, or introduce you to other individuals or resources on campus that match your interests. The opportunity for extensive contact with faculty members who support the development of your international interests is one of the advantages of being a WISc scholar.

3. Area Studies Lectures, Talks, Workshops, and Conferences
You are encouraged to attend Area Studies events on a regular basis throughout the year. While we encourage you to select events that are of particular interest to you, we will from time to time make an official “WISc recommendation” and plan to attend as a group.

4. Additional events, meetings and outings
In the past these events have included dinners with UW alumni, conferences on campus, plays, attending the Wisconsin Film Festival, and the annual WISc retreat.

Students should keep in mind that eligibility to participate in the WISc Program is contingent on the students’ satisfactory academic achievement throughout their undergraduate career.

Travel Grant Eligibility and Requirements

WISc participants making satisfactory progress in the program are eligible for two study abroad travel grants. First, students are eligible for a $1000 travel grant to participate in a short-term study abroad program, ideally during or immediately following the first year at the UW-Madison. As long as all program requirements are met, students will also be offered a $2000 travel grant for a semester- or year-long study abroad experience later on in the degree program.

In order to be eligible for WISc study abroad travel grants WISc participants must meet the following program requirements:

1- Regular attendance and participation in WISc events throughout the student's academic career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This includes attending monthly dinners and periodic WISc events, lectures, and meetings.

2- Completion of the following courses: IS 212 (formerly IS310; one-credit discussion section specifically for first-year WISc students) and ILS 209 (Introduction to Global Cultures) or equivalent as determined by the WISc Steering Committee.

3- Completion or plan for completion of four or more semesters of foreign language study.

WISc students are eligible for the WISc travel grants only for participation in study abroad programs offered by a UW-Madison study abroad office, and for which students earn UW-Madison residence credits. The two travel grants may not be combined for use in one study abroad program. After submitting your study abroad application please fill out the travel grant form on the WISc web site. You will receive notice of approval by e-mail. The grant will show up as a credit on your Study Abroad tuition/fees bill.